12V Electric Fuel Pump Diesel Petrol

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Revolutionize Your Vehicle's Performance with Our High-Quality Electric Fuel Pump - Precision-Engineered for Optimal Efficiency

Elevate the efficiency of your vehicle with our premium Electric Fuel Pump, expertly designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern engines. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of this product, ensuring reliability and superior performance. Ideal for a wide range of vehicles, our fuel pump is a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Technical Features:

  • High Flow Rate: Efficiently delivers fuel at a flow rate of 110(L/h), ensuring your engine receives a consistent supply of fuel.
  • Optimized Power Consumption: Operates within a current range of 1-2A, making it an energy-efficient choice.
  • Standard Voltage Compatibility: Designed for a 12V system, it integrates seamlessly with most vehicle electrical systems.
  • Reliable Shut Off Pressure: Maintains a shut off pressure between 3-5 P.S.I., optimizing performance and safety.
  • Convenient Inlet and Outlet Diameter: Features an 8mm diameter for both inlet and outlet, facilitating easy installation and compatibility.
  • Cross-Reference OEM Numbers: Compatible with multiple OEM specifications including E8012S, FD0002, P60430, EP12S, 6414671.


  • Versatile Fitment: Designed with a 5/16'' inline, it's suitable for most cars, motorcycles, ATVs.
  • Universal Application: Compatible with major brands like TOYOTA, HONDA, MAZDA, NISSAN, and more.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Electric Fuel Pump (as shown in the picture).

Important Notes:

  1. For optimal performance, please use this electric fuel pump in conjunction with a filter (Oil filter ensures clean oil, maintaining proper engine function).
  2. Specifically engineered for gasoline and diesel engines (excluding those using alcohol-based fuels).

Our Electric Fuel Pump is not just a spare part; it's a key component in enhancing your vehicle's performance and reliability. Trust in our quality-tested, rigorously designed product to keep your engine running smoothly.