Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter Kit AN10

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Universal Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter Kit AN10! This versatile kit is perfect for any car enthusiast looking to upgrade their oil cooling system. 

The sandwich adapter included in this kit allows for the easy installation of an engine oil cooler without having to relocate the oil filter. This means you can enjoy the benefits of improved oil cooling without sacrificing the convenience of maintaining your current oil filter location.

Not only does this adapter kit allow for the installation of an oil cooler, but it also retains the functions of oil temperature and pressure probes. This means you can monitor your engine's oil performance while keeping it running at peak levels.

Constructed from high-quality weapons grade aluminum alloy, this adapter is both lightweight and durable. The anodized polished finish adds a sleek look to your engine bay while ensuring long-lasting strength and durability.

The by-pass nature of this adapter allows for optimal engine oil flow, ensuring that your engine stays well lubricated for maximum performance. The insertion o-ring design provides a tight and secure fit, preventing any unnecessary oil leakage through the filter area.