300lph External Fuel Pump 044 for OEM:0580 254 044

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The "300lph External Fuel Pump 044 for OEM:0580 254 044" is a high-quality fuel pump designed to deliver reliable performance for various vehicles. Here are its key features and specifications:


  1. Mounting: This fuel pump is designed to be mounted in the rear center of the car or truck.

  2. Versatile Installation: It can be installed either alongside a high-performance in-tank fuel pump or used as a standalone fuel pump.

  3. Terminal Specifications: The positive terminal is M6, and the ground terminal is M5.

  4. Operating Voltage: The fuel pump operates at 12V, making it compatible with most vehicle electrical systems.

  5. Voltage Range: It has a voltage range from a minimum of 8V to a maximum of 18V.

  6. Recommended Horsepower: This fuel pump is suitable for naturally aspirated engines with a horsepower capability of up to 750HP and turbo/supercharged engines with a capability of up to 650HP.


  • Length: 196mm
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Inlet: M18x1.5 Metric Thread
  • Outlet: M12x1.5 Metric Thread

The package includes one fuel pump and the hardware as pictured. This fuel pump is a top-quality choice for those looking to enhance their vehicle's fuel delivery system, whether for high-performance or other purposes.

Vehicle Year Rate Fuel Pump and Setup Kit
Universal Intank Fuel Pumps      
GSS341 255 LPH High Pressure Pump   255 LPH HP  
GSS342 255 LPH High Pressure Pump   255 LPH HP  
Universal In Line Fuel Pumps      
190 LPH High Pressure Pump   190 LPH HP  
255 LPH High Pressure Pump   255 LPH HP  
for Acura      
for Integra 90-93 255LPH HP  
for Integra 94-00 255LPH HP  
for Buick      
for Grand National 84-86 255LPH HP  
for Dodge      
for FWD 84-90 255LPH HP  
for Neon 95-99 255LPH HP  
for Eagle      
for Talon 90-94 255LPH HP  
for Talon 95-99 255LPH HP  
for Ford      
for Mustang 85-97 255LPH HP  
for Mustang Cobra 96-97 255LPH HP  
for Probe GT 88-92 255LPH HP  
for Probe GT 93-97 255LPH HP  
for GM      
for GM Cars & Trucks 85-92 255LPH HP  
for Honda      
for Accord 90-93 255LPH HP  
for Accord 94-97 255LPH HP  
for Civic/CRX 88-91 255LPH HP  
for Civic 92-00 255LPH HP  
for Prelude 92-96 255LPH HP  
for Prelude 97+ 255LPH HP  
for Mazda      
for Miata 94-97 255LPH HP  
for MX6 88-92 255LPH HP  
for MX6 93-97 255LPH HP  
for RX7 86-88 255LPH HP  
for RX7 89-95 255LPH HP  
for Mitsubishi      
for Eclipse 90-94 255LPH HP  
for Eclipse 95-99 255LPH HP  
for Lancer Evolution 8/9 36 255LPH HP  
for Nissan      
for Altima 93-95    
for 200SX 95-98    
for 200SX SE-R 95-98    
for Maxima 89-94    
for NX1600 91-94    
for NX2000 91-94 255LPH HP  
for Sentra 98-99 255LPH HP  
for Sentra SE 98-99 255LPH HP  
for Sentra SE-R 91-94 255LPH HP  
for Subaru      
for WRX All Including STI - 255LPH HP  
for Toyota      
for Supra Turbo 84-92 255LPH HP  
for Supra 93-98 255LPH HP  
for Supra Turbo 93-98 255LPH HP