Intake Manifold Adapter For Civic K20 Manifolds K24

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Upgrade your K24 engine with the Intake Manifold Adapter for Civic K20 Manifolds K24. This high-quality aluminum adapter is designed to seamlessly install K20 style manifolds on K24 heads, offering a simple and easy installation process.

Compatible with all K24 heads, including the K24Z-Series (R40) heads, this adapter lowers intake air temps for enhanced performance. It includes a 1/8 NPT port for a coolant temp sensor, allowing you to closely monitor your engine's temperature.

Enhance the performance of your Civic Si or Acura TSX/ILX with this Intake Manifold Adapter. Made to last, this adapter is durable and built to withstand the demands of high-performance driving.

In the package, you will receive 1 Coolant Adapter and quick instructions on how to install it. You will need a drill, 1/4 or 6.5mm drill bit, 13/64 or 5mm drill bit, and an M6x1.0 tap (standard and bottoming) to complete the installation process.

Upgrade your K24 engine today and enjoy a more responsive and cost-effective driving experience with the Intake Manifold Adapter for Civic K20 Manifolds K24. Elevate your performance and take your driving to the next level.