EGR Delete for Ford Mondeo Mk3 2.0 ST2.2 TDCi

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EGR Delete for Ford Mondeo Mk3 2.0 ST2.2 TDCi

This EGR Delete Kit for Ford Mondeo Mk3 2.0 ST2.2 TDCi offers top-notch quality and performance, providing a comprehensive solution to improve your vehicle.

Here are the key features and benefits of this EGR Delete Kit:

  • High-Quality Construction: Constructed from aluminum, this kit features TIG welding and a brushed finish, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance.
  • Lathe Turned EGR Valve Removal Pipe: The removal pipe has been meticulously turned in a lathe for precision, resulting in a perfect end and a polished, uniform finish.
  • Easy Installation: The kit is designed for straightforward installation, allowing you to remove the EGR valve and the EGR extension pipe quickly and effortlessly.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: The kit is crafted from stainless steel, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and a flawless appearance.
  • Improved Engine Performance: By blocking the EGR, you can experience quicker turbo spool-up, reduced carbon build-up, smoother idle pick-up, and enhanced fuel economy.
  • Complete Kit: The kit includes an EGR removal pipe, blanking plate for the EGR cooler, gasket, blanking pipe for the redundant vac line, and zinc-plated hex bolts for the blanking plate, offering everything you need for the upgrade.
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Compatible with Ford Mondeo 2.0/2.2 TDCi and Jaguar 2.0/2.2 d X type, this kit is designed for diesel vehicles with the EGR fitted to the front of the engine.

Upgrade your vehicle with this EGR Delete Kit and enjoy improved engine performance and longevity. Say goodbye to EGR-related issues and elevate your driving experience.