2.5cm Exhaust Thermal Tape Header Heat Wrap

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5M/10M/15M 2.5cm Exhaust Thermal Tape Header Heat Wrap with Stainless Ties

Elevate your motorcycle's performance with our versatile exhaust thermal tape. Ideal for headers, turbo manifolds, downpipes, and motorcycle piping, this heat wrap is a universal solution for heat insulation.


  • Universal fit for headers, turbo manifolds, downpipes, and motorcycle piping.


  • Quality assurance tested for responsiveness and ease of installation.
  • Withstands direct heat up to 932°F (500°C) for 2805BK/2810BK/2815BK models and up to 1652°F (900°C) for 2905T/2910T/2915T models.
  • Pre-wetting roll not necessary for wrapping.
  • Optimizes horsepower, performance, and fuel economy.
  • Reduces underhood temperatures and maintains high exhaust gas velocity.

Material & Color:

  • Made of high-quality fiberglass/basalt fiber.
  • Color: As pictured.

Package Included:

  • 1x Heat Wrap
  • 4x 200mm Locking Cable Ties (100% Brand New Never Used Or Installed)


  1. Fold 3/4” at the edge of the exhaust wrap, tuck the fold under, and place on the pipe to reduce fraying.
  2. Make one full initial wrap around the pipe, secure wrap at flange with locking tie.
  3. Continue wrapping around the pipe with a 1/4” overlap, keeping tension on the wrap.
  4. For bends less than 90°, add approximately 8” of wrap; for bends greater than 90°, add approximately 14” of wrap.
  5. On the final pass, fold over about 3/4” of the wrap and tuck it underneath itself, then secure with a locking tie.

Enhance your motorcycle's exhaust system with our high-quality exhaust heat wrap, designed to withstand extreme temperatures and improve your riding experience.