Turbo Heat Blanket Shield N14 N18 For Mini R55 R56 1.6T

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Upgrade the performance of your BMW Mini R55 R56 1.6T with the Turbo Heat Blanket Shield N14 N18. This turbo heat shield is designed to reduce turbo lag and increase turbo spool time, all while significantly reducing under hood temperatures.

Protect your hood, hoses, and painted surfaces from residual heat damage with this excellent heat barrier. The Prosport turbo blanket comes equipped with stainless steel anchoring hooks and free spring clips to securely fasten the blanket to your turbo in a fast and easy manner.

Constructed of high temperature (1,850 Degree F) insulating padding, this turbo heat shield features a tough Titanium outer layer that protects against heat loss, burns, oil spills, abrasions, and road grime. The inner material is made with stainless steel knitted wire mesh for strength and durability, while the surface is shielded with high quality silicone impregnated fiberglass material for extra heat, wearing, and corrosion resistance.

The inner surface is also shielded with calcium magnesium silicate wool, and the shield features stainless steel capstan rivets and lacing wire fastening. This high performance racing spec design is perfect for any BMW Mini R55 R56 1.6T owner looking to upgrade their turbo system.

Please note that professional installation is highly recommended to ensure the turbo heat shield is properly and securely installed for maximum performance benefits. Upgrade your turbo system with the Turbo Heat Blanket Shield N14 N18 today.