Turbo Blanket Titanium Fits Mv-r Mv-s 38mm 40mm

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The Turbo Blanket Titanium Fits Mv-r Mv-s 38mm 40mm is the ultimate solution to protect your external wastegate from extreme heat. Specifically designed to fit MV-R MV-S 38mm wastegates, this thermal blanket is compatible with wastegates manufactured by Tialsport, Epman, or other brands with similar sizes.

Crafted with top-quality materials, the Torque Solution Thermal Blanket features a protective wire mesh and insulated fiberglass layers made from volcanic rock to provide exceptional heat protection. The interior surface has a maximum temperature rating of 2300 Deg F/ 1260 Deg C, with a continuous use limit of 1832 Deg F/ 1000 Deg C. The exterior surface has a direct contact limit of 1800 Deg F/ 982 Deg C and a radiant heat limit of 2500 Deg F/ 1371 Deg C.

By investing in this high-quality thermal blanket, you can ensure that your wastegate and surrounding components are shielded from the damaging effects of extreme heat. Each package includes 1 piece of wastegate blanket for your convenience. Don't let heat damage your valuable components – protect them with the Turbo Blanket Titanium Fits Mv-r Mv-s 38mm 40mm today.