Short Shifter Lancer EVO 4 5 6

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Short Shifter Quick Shifter For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution EVO 4 5 6

  • Improved Acceleration: Enjoy quicker and more responsive gear changes for enhanced acceleration.
  • Smoother Shifting: Achieve seamless and precise shifts, optimizing the driving experience.
  • Increased Control: Enhance your vehicle's handling and control, especially during high-performance driving.

This kit is the ultimate upgrade for your Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution EVO 4 5 6, designed to elevate performance and control. It includes a throw short shifter, quick shift, and short throw shifter, tailored to fit the Mitsubishi 96-00 Lancer EVO 4 5 6. Designed for easy installation, it comes with all the necessary components for a hassle-free upgrade. Elevate your driving experience and unlock the full potential of your vehicle with this Short Shifter Quick Shifter.