Intake Manifold Polished For NIssan RB20

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Polished Cast Aluminium Turbo Intake Manifold for NISSAN RB20

Maximize the performance of your NISSAN RB20 with our premium Polished Cast Aluminium Turbo Intake Manifold. Designed to precisely distribute the combustion mixture—or just air in direct injection engines—this manifold optimizes the efficiency and output of each engine cycle. It is essential for achieving balanced performance across all engine conditions.

Key Features:

  • TIG Welded CNC Machined Flange: Ensures a secure and precise fit with OEM or aftermarket throttle bodies, enhancing the durability and reliability of your setup.
  • High Velocity Short Runner: Tailored for high RPM power, this feature boosts your engine's ability to breathe more efficiently, particularly beneficial in turbocharged and naturally aspirated applications.
  • Even Air Distribution: By ensuring even air distribution to each intake port, our intake manifold helps in maintaining consistent engine temperature and performance throughout its operation.


  • Specifically engineered for the NISSAN RB20 engine. Note: Modifications are required for fitting NEO models.

This intake manifold not only enhances engine performance but also serves as a robust mount for carburetors, throttle bodies, and fuel injectors. Whether you're upgrading for performance or reliability, this intake manifold is an excellent choice for serious tuners and automotive enthusiasts looking for a top-tier replacement.