Spark Plug Cover Carbon Fibre K20 K24

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Crafted from real carbon fiber with a thickness of 3mm, this spark plug cover insert is designed specifically to fit the K20/K24 engine spark plug. Utilizing CAD template and CNC technology, this cover is free of burrs at the end, ensuring easy installation without the risk of scratching your hand.

The carbon fiber style of this cover adds a lightweight and visually striking element to your vehicle, making it stand out from the crowd while enhancing its dynamic performance. The eye-catching twill weave of the carbon fiber material not only looks great but also provides great strength and durability.

At only 130g in weight, this carbon fiber spark plug cover offers a significant reduction compared to other covers on the market, without compromising on quality. Despite its lightweight construction, this cover is robust and long-lasting, outlasting ABS covers by a significant margin.

Our product is not only cost-effective but also guaranteed to work well with your engine spark plug. In the rare instance of any issues, feel free to contact us for prompt assistance. Furthermore, we are continuously expanding our product range to offer a wider selection of patterns, real carbon fiber materials, and a higher quality-price ratio in the future.