565cc Fuel Injectors For STI WRX Forester 1955003910 4pc

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Upgrade your Subaru WRX, STI, or Forester with these high-performance 565cc fuel injectors. These injectors are specifically designed to provide your vehicle with the improved fuel delivery needed for higher horsepower and performance levels.

Designed to match the specifications of the OEM 1955003910 injectors, these aftermarket fuel injectors are a direct fit for your Subaru, ensuring easy installation and optimal performance.

With a flow rate of 565cc, these fuel injectors are capable of delivering the right amount of fuel to support your engine's increased power output without sacrificing reliability. Whether you're looking to boost your WRX's performance on the track or improve the fuel efficiency of your Forester, these injectors are a great choice.

Don't settle for subpar fuel injectors when upgrading your Subaru. Trust in these high-quality 565cc fuel injectors to provide your vehicle with the fuel delivery it needs for peak performance. Upgrade your Subaru WRX, STI, or Forester today and experience the difference these fuel injectors can make.