Steering Rack Slider & Riser Civic EP3 EM2 Rsx

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Upgrade your Honda Integra, Civic, or Acura RSX with our Steering Rack Slider & Riser kit to improve the performance and stability of your vehicle.

Our billet aluminum slider replaces the sloppy OEM slider, eliminating excessive play in the factory rack that can cause it to move up and down, compromising the positioning of your steering tie rods and wheels. This upgrade is great for stock cars and is a necessity for vehicles with additional horsepower, as it retains about 98% of the factory steering angle.

Additionally, our Steering Rack Riser is essential for vehicles with aftermarket coilovers that have been lowered. Lowering these models of cars can re-position the arms on an angle, leading to increased wear on bushes, bump steer/torque steer, and a lack of overall stability. Our new bracket re-positions the center of the arms 35mm higher, reverting the arm angle back to OEM specification and eliminating the problems caused by lowering.

This kit is designed for the following vehicles: Honda Integra DC5 2002-2006, Honda Civic EP3 2001-2005, and Acura RSX 2002-2006. Upgrade your steering system and improve the handling of your vehicle with our Steering Rack Slider & Riser Civic EP3 EM2 Rsx kit today!