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Maximize Your Towing Safety with the "Remove Before Flight" JDM Tow Strap

Elevate your towing and trailering experience with our "Remove Before Flight Tow Strap," a versatile and essential tool for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, UTVs, and more. This strap, blending the durability of JDM tow straps with the unique style of a "remove before flight" nato strap, offers unparalleled functionality and security.

Why Choose Our Soft Loops?

  • Enhanced Stability: The broad contact surface area of these loops minimizes movement during transit, a key feature in race car tow strap design.
  • Protective Design: Our tow strap ensures your vehicle frames remain free from scratches, mirroring the care of JDM tow straps.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Ideal for use with Ratchet Straps, JDM Tow Straps, and various tie-down systems.

Simply wrap the soft loops around handlebars or frames to establish a secure, soft tie-down point for J-hook and S-hook tie-down straps. This method protects your vehicle’s paint or chrome, a significant advantage of using a race car tow strap.

Key Features:

  • Gentle on Vehicles: The nylon material of our tow strap ensures your vehicles stay scratch-free.
  • User Convenience: Perfectly fits handlebars, forks, swing-arms, and other tight spots.
  • High Visibility: The neon orange color enhances safety by allowing for easy strap tension inspection and location in low-light conditions.
  • Proven Strength: Each strap boasts a working load of 1200 lb and a lab-tested breaking strength of 2273 lb, comparable to the best JDM tow straps.

Upgrade your trailering toolkit with the efficiency and protection of the "Remove Before Flight Tow Strap" and embrace the robustness of a race car tow strap. Your vehicles deserve the best protection during transport.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Tow / Tie Down Strap: This strap not only signifies the REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT tag but also showcases the JDM signature style.

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Carey O'Conner

As described. Looks good, will see how long the text lasts. Haha.

Mariah Mante

best quality and fast delivery