Boss Kit Hub 200SX S13 S14 S15 R32 R33

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Elevate Your Honda Driving Experience with the Universal Boss Kit

Meta Description: Upgrade your Honda Civic, Accord, CRV, and more with our Universal Boss Kit. Designed for a wide range of models, this kit ensures seamless steering wheel integration.

Upgrade your Honda vehicle with our Universal Boss Kit, compatible with a wide range of Honda models including the Civic EK, EJ, EM1, EP, EV1, FD, RSX, TSX, and S2000. This kit is designed to provide a seamless and secure connection for your aftermarket steering wheel, enhancing your driving experience with improved control and style.

Car Compatibility:

  • ACCORD (1998-2010) CF3-CF5, CL2, CL3
  • CIVIC 6TH GEN (1996-2000) EK2-EK5, EK9, EJ6-EJ9, EM1
  • CIVIC 7TH GEN (1996-2005) EM2, ES1, EP1, EP2, EP3, EP4, EV1
  • CIVIC 8TH GEN (2006-2011) FD1, FD2, FD7, FA1, FG1, FG2, FA5, FK, FN
  • CRV (1997-2001) RD1-RD3
  • EL (1997-2005)
  • FIT (2001-2010)
  • INSIGHT (2000-2006) ZE1
  • INTEGRA (2001-2006) DC5
  • PRELUDE (1997-2001) BB5-BB8
  • S2000 (1999-2009) AP1, AP2
  • RSX (2002-2007)
  • TSX (2003-2007)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Boss Kit: This high-quality boss kit is the essential component for securely attaching your aftermarket steering wheel to your Honda vehicle.

Upgrade your Honda's steering setup with our Universal Boss Kit, designed for a variety of models. Enhance your driving experience with improved steering control and a personalized touch to your vehicle's interior.