Motor Billet Shifter Base Plate K20 K24

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Elevate your Honda K20 K24 driving experience with the Motor Billet Shifter Base Plate. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this shifter base plate is designed to optimize your shifting performance like never before.

The Motor Billet Shifter Base Plate is engineered with a superior design that allows for easy installation of an RSX Type-S or similar shifter box without the need to cut a hole in the exhaust tunnel of your vehicle's chassis. This innovative design is a favorite among racers, especially road course enthusiasts, as it mounts the shifter higher in the vehicle for improved proximity to the driver and steering, as well as creating more space below the car for larger exhaust systems.

Not only does the Motor Billet Shifter Base Plate offer optimal design features, but it also provides convenient shifter cable routing inside the car. With the ability to route shifter cables through the heater hose hole in the firewall, this shifter base plate ensures a seamless and efficient shifting experience every time.

Enhance your driving performance and upgrade your Honda K20 K24 with the Motor Billet Shifter Base Plate. Included in the package is one shifter base plate, designed to meet your shifting needs effectively. Please note that we provide detailed pictures and measurements to ensure that this product fits your requirements perfectly.

Transform your driving experience today with the Motor Billet Shifter Base Plate - the ultimate game-changer for Honda K20 K24 enthusiasts.