Front Control Arm Bushings Honda Civic 06-11

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Upgrade the suspension on your Honda Civic 2006-2011 with our Front Control Arm Bushings. Designed to replace the factory rubber bushings that are prone to wearing out, our polyurethane bushings offer a more durable and reliable solution for your suspension needs.

With factory rubber bushings, excess movement in your control arm can lead to misalignment and uneven tire wear, costing you time and money on constant re-alignments and new tires. Our polyurethane bushings provide a firmer support for your control arms, ensuring that they handle all the stresses your Civic puts on them while still offering a smooth ride quality.

Included in the package are polyurethane bushings for both the horizontal and vertical positions, as well as zinc plated steel inner sleeves to match your O.E. bolts. Additionally, we provide 4 tubes of our Super grease for installation to guarantee a long-lasting and squeak-free performance.

Upgrade your Civic's handling and overall performance with our Front Control Arm Bushings. Say goodbye to the problems that come with factory rubber bushings and enjoy a smoother, more responsive ride on the road. Add these high-quality bushings to your Honda Civic today and experience the difference for yourself.