Brake Master Cylinder For Drift Hydraulic Handbrake

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Brake Master Cylinder For Drift Hydraulic Handbrake Hand Brake 

Crank Shaft Pulley Type : With A/CEach cylinder is individually shimmed during manufacture to give a shorter cut-off and less lost travel than equivalent production cylinders and have 3 bypass ports for faster fluid return.
Suitable for brake and clutch application. This compact cylinder is particularly suitable for applications where space is restricted as it is approx 25mm shorter than a conventional cylinder.


Package includes:
1 x  Master Cylinder(Stopper color random)
For use where a reservoir is being remotely mounted.

Bore size: 0.877" (22.2mm)
Full stroke: 1" (25.4mm)
Outlet thread: 3/8 UNF
Inlet thread: 7/16 UNF
Push rod thread: 5/16 UNF