Dual Master Cylinder Hydraulic Drifting E-Brake Handbrake Lever

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Take your rallying, drifting, and autotesting to the next level with the Dual Master Cylinder Hydraulic Drifting E-Brake Handbrake Lever from Optimum Balance Products. This lockable hydraulic handbrake is engineered for ultimate functionality and control, making it a must-have addition to your high-performance vehicle.

Constructed with a sturdy bracket and a 280mm long handle featuring a comfortable grip section, this handbrake lever is designed for maximum comfort and control. The complete unit locking version is equipped with a 7/16 inch inlet and 3/8 inch outlet on cylinders, ensuring seamless operation when you need it most.

Utilizing a Twin Master Cylinder system, this handbrake offers independent control over the rear brakes, eliminating the weaknesses commonly found in standard cable-type handbrakes. Perfect for rally driving, drifting, and off-road motorsports, this handbrake connects into the brake line to the rear calipers, requiring minimal force to lock both rear wheels when needed.

Whether you're looking to drift sideways or perform precise spins on the spot without stopping your car, this handbrake is the ultimate tool for achieving the control and precision you desire. Constructed from lightened steel with a durable black powder coat finish, this handbrake is built to last and provides a lightweight alternative to more expensive aluminum designs.

Experience the precise control and durability of this hydraulic handbrake, designed for competition use and guaranteed to enhance your driving performance. Upgrade your vehicle today with the Dual Master Cylinder Hydraulic Drifting E-Brake Handbrake Lever and take your driving skills to new heights.