D-Series To H-Series Engine Mount Swap for EF Civic / CRX

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Upgrade the performance of your Honda Civic or CRX with the D-Series to H-Series Engine Mount Swap for EF Civic/CRX. This product is specifically designed for Honda Civic (All) 1988-1991 and Honda CRX (All) 1988-1991 models.

Polyurethane mounts are known to transmit more vibrations to the interior of the car, which is why this mount swap is perfect for those looking to enhance the performance of their vehicle. The H-series swaps will require cutting the OEM transmission mount and replacing it with new mounting brackets, as well as drilling to mount the new bracket. These motor mounts are specifically designed for D to H series swapped motors.

By replacing the factory rubber mounts with solid polyurethane, you can virtually eliminate unwanted engine motion, reduce wheel hop, and allow more rotational energy to be directed to the wheels. The mounts are made from high quality steel body mount and polyurethane bushings to support over 800whp.

This Engine Mount Swap is compatible with Acura Integra H-Series 1990-1993 Engine Swaps Only, Honda Civic H-Series 1988-1991 Engine Swaps Only, and Honda CRX H-Series 1988-1991 Engine Swaps Only. Upgrade your vehicle's performance and improve handling with the D-Series to H-Series Engine Mount Swap for EF Civic/CRX.