Brake Cooling Backing Plates Air duct for BMW E92 E90 M3

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Enhance Your BMW M3's Braking Performance with Our Aluminum Brake Cooling Backing Plates

Upgrade your BMW E92 E90 M3 with our all-aluminum Brake Cooling Backing Plates. Designed to optimize airflow directly into the rotor hat, our backing plates ensure optimal heat exchange over the entire surface area, improving the longevity and performance of your braking system.


  • Increased Airflow: The large 'Pocket' design allows for more airflow, cooling the rotors effectively and reducing heat build-up.
  • Optimal Heat Exchange: Ensures even heat distribution across the backing plate, preventing premature wear on your braking system.
  • Pedal Fade Reduction: By forcing cool air through your rotors, our backing plates help eliminate pedal fade caused by boiling brake fluid.
  • Lightweight Construction: Made from solid aluminum, providing durability without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Powder-Coated Finish: Offers a sleek look and additional protection against corrosion.
  • Easy Installation: Utilizes OEM mounting points and does not require disassembly of your hubs. Compatible with E90 and E92 M3 OEM-size rotors and most rotor upgrades. Note: Aftermarket brake fitment may require slight modification. The original dust shields will need to be cut off or removed prior to installation.

Enhance your BMW M3's braking performance and safety with our Aluminum Brake Cooling Backing Plates. Perfect for drivers seeking improved braking efficiency and longevity.