Billet Dipstick Honda EP3 DC5 RSX K20 K24

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Introducing the Billet Dipstick for Honda Acura EP3 DC5 RSX K20 K24 engines. If you're looking to upgrade the look of your engine bay while also enhancing functionality, look no further.

This premium billet oil dipstick is available in three color options: red, black, and blue for K24 valve covers. Additionally, there is a raw aluminum option for those interested in custom color matching or polishing.

Designed to seamlessly follow the contour of the OEM valve cover, this dipstick provides a smooth and shaved look. The small flare along the bottom front edge allows for easy removal, while a small hole at the center of the front edge enables attachment of a spring tie down on boosted applications to withstand increased crankcase pressures.

Constructed with 6061 billet aluminum top and 100% stainless steel for all remaining parts, including the base, wire, and level indicator, this dipstick is built to last. The base seals properly with two o-rings like the OEM, and the level indicator features two markings that match OEM specifications.

When installing the dipstick, make sure to verify the stock levels with the mark on your new dipstick. If needed, scribe new marks due to variations in angles of motors, oil pans, and variations.

Upgrade your engine bay with the Billet Dipstick for Honda Acura EP3 DC5 RSX K20 K24 engines. Experience the difference in quality and aesthetics that surpasses OEM standards. Please note that some baffled oil pans may have fitment issues.