ADDCO 52mm Boost Gauge - 7 Colour

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ADDCO 52mm Turbo Boost Gauge with 7-Color LED Display – Enhance Your Car's Performance Aesthetics

Elevate your vehicle's dashboard with the "ADDCO 52mm Boost Gauge", designed to not only monitor your car's turbo boost levels but also add a dynamic, racing-inspired look to your interior.

Key Features:

  • Racing-Inspired Design: This boost gauge brings a performance-oriented aesthetic to your car, enhancing its appearance with a sleek, racing look.
  • Smoke Tint Lens: The gauge features a smoke tint lens for a stylish and understated appearance during the day, adding a touch of sophistication to your vehicle's interior.
  • Bright LED Display with 7 Colors: At night, the gauge comes alive with a bright LED display. Choose from seven selectable colors to match your mood or your car’s interior, easily changeable with the press of a button on the lens.
  • Universal Compatibility: With its 2-inch (52mm) diameter, this boost gauge is universally fitting, making it a versatile addition to any turbocharged vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Package: The package includes 1 x ADDCO Turbo Boost Gauge (measuring -30PSI to 20PSI), 1 x Boost Sensor, 1 x Mounting Kit with Holder Cover, and a User Manual in English, providing everything you need for installation.

Installation and Use:

  • While the installation process is straightforward, professional installation is highly recommended to ensure accuracy and optimal performance.

Why Choose Our Turbo Boost Gauge?

The ADDCO 52mm Boost Gauge is an essential tool for any turbocharged vehicle owner. It not only provides critical performance data but also enhances the visual appeal of your car's interior. Whether you're a car enthusiast looking to add a performance edge to your vehicle or a racer needing precise boost readings, this gauge is designed to meet your needs.

Transform the way you monitor your vehicle's performance with the ADDCO 52mm Boost Gauge – where functionality meets style.