Drift Lock Kit Adapter For BMW E36 M3 30%

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Drift Lock Kit Adapter For BMW E36 M3 30%

Enhance the steering angle of your BMW E36 with the Drift Shop E36 Lock Kit. Crafted from high-quality aluminum with precision CNC machining, these bolt-on spacers are designed for easy installation as hub spacers, fitting snugly between the knuckle, wishbone, and tie rod.

Specifically engineered for non-M3 E36 models, these spacers are also compatible with non-M3 hubs fitted to an M3 or E30 using E36 hubs. Whether you're a dedicated drifter or simply seeking improved steering capabilities, these E36 Lock Kits are a must-have accessory.

Minor adjustments may be required for optimal performance, and for proper installation, E46 lower arms are needed to effectively accommodate these spacers. The package includes 2x adapters and mounting accessories for a convenient setup process.


  • Material: High-quality aluminum
  • Mounting screws: M12
  • Increase: 25%
  • Model: E36
  • Color: Silver

Upgrade your BMW E36 steering capabilities with this essential Drift Lock Kit Adapter for improved performance on the road or the track.