14inch 350mm Spoon Sports Steering Wheel

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Experience Precision and Comfort with the Spoon Sports Steering Wheel - A Masterpiece of Design and Functionality.

Elevate your driving experience with our Spoon Sports steering wheel, a perfect blend of form and function, designed for the enthusiastic driver. Crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame and wrapped in genuine leather, this steering wheel is not just about enhancing your car's performance; it's about transforming your driving into a more pleasurable and precise endeavor.

With a diameter of 14 inches (around 350mm), this steering wheel offers a broad angle of control, making it ideal for high-precision activities like racing and drifting. Its wide diameter ensures maximum control, allowing for nuanced and responsive steering inputs.

Key Features:

  • Material: A combination of genuine leather and an aluminum frame, offering durability and a comfortable grip.
  • Diameter: At 14 inches (around 350mm), it provides a wide control angle for superior precision.
  • Design: Flat deep-dished design, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your steering setup.
  • Grip: Approximately 27mm, offering an ergonomic and comfortable hold.
  • Weight: Around 1.35 kg, balancing lightweight construction with robustness.

Additional Features:

  • Universal Fit: Designed to fit most types of aftermarket boss kits.
  • Rally Motorsport Design: Specifically tailored for rally motorsport requirements, offering an edge in performance.
  • Installation: Requires a steering wheel adapter [Boss Kit Hub] for installation, which can be purchased separately at our store.
  • Inclusions: Comes with a horn button and wires for a complete setup.

The Spoon Sports Steering Wheel is more than just a part of your vehicle; it's a statement of your dedication to quality and performance. It's ergonomically designed to provide optimal comfort, ensuring that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for performance. Whether you're a professional racer or a driving enthusiast, this steering wheel is designed to provide an unmatched driving experience. Upgrade to the Spoon Sports Steering Wheel and feel the difference in every turn and drift.

Customer Reviews

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Elza Kuhic

High quality and fast shipping! great dealer!

Bret Ryan

14inch/350mm Spoon Sports Black Genuine Leather Drift Sport Steering Wheel

Ara Gerlach

feels very good and very sturdy. I couldn't have imagined it being any better.