Universal 50mm Blow Off Valve BOV

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Introducing the revolutionary Universal 50mm Blow Off Valve (BOV), a must-have for any Motorsport enthusiast looking to upgrade their performance. This game-changing valve is the largest displacement option on the market, specially designed to handle high boost and high power applications with unparalleled performance.

Featuring a 50mm (2") aluminum piston, this BOV ensures there are no issues with split diaphragms and has unmatched power handling capabilities. The durable construction includes heat-stabilized Viton O-rings and high-temperature Mobil 1 grease, providing a long life with minimal wear and very long service intervals.

Tested on various high-performance vehicles such as the EPMAN Golf Mk1 Berg Cup car, Speckys incredible 9.5 second ¼ mile Tigra, numerous Time Attack cars, and a 1500bhp Nissan GTR, this BOV has proven its ability to handle the toughest conditions with ease.

Custom installation is a breeze with the option of a screw-on fitting or a v-band fitting with appropriate adaptors, allowing for welding to any aluminum pipework in your installation. The vacuum barb is a large 6mm ID and fully rotatable 360 degrees, providing flexibility and ease of use for any installation.

Choose from a machine-finished silver or anodized black finish to complement your vehicle's aesthetics and take your performance to the next level. Upgrade to the Universal 50mm Blow Off Valve BOV today and experience the difference firsthand.