Breather catch tank Overflow Tank Type for Track & Drift Car

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Enhance your racing engine's performance with the Universal 0.4Ltr Aluminum Alloy Oil Catch Can Tank Kit. This high-quality kit includes an aluminum breather tank with a 60mm diameter and 195mm overall length, complete with a radiator cap and 4 x 5/16" / 8mm barbed ports for efficient coolant flow.

Designed to optimize your cooling system, the Titek Radiator Breather Tank ensures the elimination of air bubbles, preventing overheating during intense track or drift sessions. The kit allows you to connect popular coolant passages, like the lower radiator hose, cylinder head, expansion tank, or radiator neck, creating a venting system that expels trapped air from the cooling system.

Maintain your engine's performance and prevent coolant flow issues with the included hoses, hose clamps, and mounting hardware. Crafted from durable aluminum, this trust-style breather catch tank ensures reliable performance for your modified vehicle.

Ensure your racing or compact production engine runs cool and efficiently with the Universal 0.4Ltr Aluminum Alloy Oil Catch Can Tank Kit. Upgrade your cooling system for peak performance on the track or during drift events.