Car Decompression Turbo Ornaments Big-eyed Dolls

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Introducing the Car Decompression Turbo Ornaments Big-eyed Dolls, the perfect addition to your turbo car for a touch of personality and fun!

Made with high-quality rubber material, this Turbo car Decompression Ornament is durable, sun-proof, explosion-proof, anti-freeze, and has low temperature resistance. It can withstand high temperatures from -30 to 80 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for all weather conditions.

The package includes everything you need for installation, including a high-quality PU tube, a three-way tube made of pure copper, a pressure regulating valve, an air-condition vent clip, and five yellow clips for secure installation. The quick release handle makes installation a breeze, allowing for easy adjustment and testing.

This Turbo car Decompression Ornament is suitable for all turbo cars and is easy to install. Simply open the cover, locate the Blow-Off Valve, cut a section of the tube, and install the three-way tube. Connect the pressure regulating valve, route the wires into the car, and connect them to the adorable big-eyed doll.

It is recommended to adjust the valve to the minimum state during installation and testing. For electronically controlled turbines, an adapter is needed for installation, and the package includes a pressure regulating valve for easy adjustment according to your car's power.

Whether you're cruising around town or taking on the open road, the Car Decompression Turbo Ornaments Big-eyed Dolls is the perfect accessory for adding a touch of charm and personality to your turbo car. So why wait? Upgrade your ride today with this fun and functional ornament!