Blow Off Valve for Ford Focus MK2 ST 225 MK3 ST250

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Enhance the performance of your Ford Focus MK2 ST225 or MK3 ST250 with our premium Dump Valve Blow Off Valve. Crafted from superior billet aluminum, this valve is designed to provide durability, resistance to wear, and a lightweight addition to your engine. The piston design ensures a perfect fit and easy installation, offering greater longevity and reliability compared to standard OEM valves.

Customize your driving experience with two tuning springs included, allowing you to tailor the valve’s performance to suit your driving style and vehicle modifications. Experience the iconic ‘woosh’ sound on lift off, adding an exciting auditory dimension to your driving experience that enthusiasts and casual drivers alike will appreciate.

Included in the package is a replacement seal o-ring, ensuring a complete solution for your Ford Focus upgrade needs. Specifically engineered for the Ford Focus MK2 ST225 and MK3 ST250 models, this blow off valve is a perfect fit for these vehicles, enhancing both performance and driving pleasure.

Invest in your vehicle’s functionality and enjoyment with our Dump Valve Blow Off Valve. Upgrade your Ford Focus and experience a significant enhancement in performance, sound, and overall driving pleasure. Elevate your driving experience with our premium blow off valve.