25mm Turbo Diverter Valve Adapter FSI / TSI

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CTS Turbo Diverter Valve Relocation Adapter for FSI/TSI Engines

Unleash the true potential of your FSI/TSI engine with our CTS Turbo Diverter Valve Relocation Adapter, a premium-quality enhancement for turbocharged vehicles. Made from high-grade CNC billet aluminum, this adapter offers durability, precision, and an unmatched 'Whoosh' sound for an exhilarating driving experience.

Atmospheric Diverter for OEM Valve: Our atmospheric diverter is designed to dump charge-air to the atmosphere, creating an impressive 'Whoosh' sound upon throttle lift. This feature not only enhances your vehicle’s auditory experience but also adds a touch of excitement to every drive.

Innovative Sandwich-Type Adapter Design: The adapter's sandwich-type design fits snugly between the existing electrical solenoid and the turbocharger housing. This unique placement allows for efficient charge-air recirculation around the turbocharger, from the boost side back to the intake side, optimizing the engine's performance.

Simple Installation Process: Installation involves removing only three bolts to fit the adapter between the existing solenoid and the turbo housing. This re-directs the air to the atmosphere rather than recirculating it, enhancing both the performance and sound of your turbocharged engine.

Compatibility and Versatility: Compatible with the original bypass valve of the 2.0 TFSi engine located directly at the charger housing, our adapter allows for the installation of an external Blow Off valve, open or closed, adding versatility to your engine's performance.