Turbine Housing Clamp & Bolt Kit For Garrett Turbo Gt25r Gt28 Gt30 Gt35 T3

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Lug nuts size :M8 x 1.25mm

Turbine housing clamp and bolt kit, standard for all GT25R, GT28, Gt30, GT35, T3, T4 turbos using 6 bolt mounting pad for CHRA to turbine housing assembly. Includes two half circle clmaps and 6 bolts. All Garrett turbo standard hardware.
**Does not fit non-standard (special) housings such as GT32, GT40, GT42 and .78 A/R divided V-band housingsfor GT30/GT35.

- specify if you have the larger turbine housing (must note to us if you want this option):

You are using the divided For T4 Garrett housing in 70, 84, 100 or 115 A/R housing with the welded v-band flange