Rays TE37 Mini Wheel

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Rays TE37 Mini Wheel – Iconic Design in Miniature Form

Introducing the Rays TE37 Mini Wheel, a remarkable tribute to one of the most iconic and beloved wheel designs in automotive history. These 1/5 scale miniature wheels are custom-machined masterpieces, essential for any car enthusiast with an appreciation for detail and craftsmanship.

Each Rays TE37 Mini Wheel is a marvel of engineering, meticulously constructed from high-quality aluminum material. The precision is evident in every aspect, from the intricate design to the laser-etched logos, echoing the excellence of the full-sized TE37 wheels.

This collection offers you the unique TE37s and TE37 Saga styles, capturing the essence of their full-sized counterparts in a compact, display-worthy package. Whether you are a fan of the classic TE37 wheels or the modern Rays TE37, these miniatures perfectly encapsulate the spirit of these legendary designs.

Available for individual purchase or as part of a set with our specially designed base, these mini wheels offer flexibility in how you choose to display them. The accompanying base is not just a stand but a sleek platform that elevates the presentation of your collection, ensuring each mini wheel is displayed in a manner that is both organized and visually striking.

Perfect for placing on desks, shelves, or coffee tables, the Rays TE37 Mini Wheel set turns any space into an exhibition of automotive artistry. It’s an invitation to admire the legacy of TE37 wheels in a format that fits seamlessly into your life and décor.