Titanium Turbo Blanket Heat Shield For 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5t

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Lava Titamium Turbo Blanket Heat Shield Wrap For 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Stainless Steel Mesh


For 16+ Honda Civic 1.5T.

Vehicle compatibility charts are for REFERENCE ONLY. Check your vehicle with OEM below to match your needs.


100% quality assurance tested, more responsive, less expensive.

Outer layer of pulverized volcanic lava rock formed into fabric & woven into a tight mesh weave. Internally insulated w/ high temperature calcium magnesium silicate wool. Overlaid w/ high temperature stainless steel mesh.

Reducing turbo lag.

Cooler air intake temperatures.

Protecting and prolonging vital under hood components (up to 60% under hood heat reduction).

Giving a boost in horsepower.

Direct Heat Rating (Outer) - 1800°F.

Radiant Heat Rating (Outer) - 2500°F.

Continuous Heat Rating (Inner) - 1832°F.

Peak Heat Rating (Inner) - 2300°F.

Material & Color:

Material: made of high quality Lava & Stainless Steel.