Katana Gear Knob Samurai Ninja Sword

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Katana Gear Knob Samurai Ninja Sword Gear Knob 

Rev up your car's interior with our Katana Samurai Sword Gear Shift Knob, a unique JDM accessory that blends modern automotive style with traditional Japanese craftsmanship. This eye-catching gear knob transforms your driving experience, embodying the spirit of the Bushido warrior code.

Key Features:

  • Available in three sizes: 15cm, 20cm, and 26cm for a perfect fit
  • Crafted from premium materials: wood, iron, cloth, tin, and durable aluminum alloy
  • Universal 12mm hole diameter with included adapters for secure installation
  • Ergonomic design with anti-skid texture for a comfortable grip and smooth shifts
  • Choose from sleek Black + Red or classic Black color options
  • Complete kit includes Samurai Sword Shift Knob, four adapters, hex key, and six screws

The Katana Samurai Sword Shift Knob isn't just a car accessory; it's a statement piece that reflects your passion for JDM culture. Its exquisite workmanship ensures a high-quality feel, while the design pays homage to the legendary samurai katana.

Whether you're drifting through corners or cruising down the highway, this shift knob puts the power of a samurai warrior in your hand. The comfortable grip and secure fit make every gear change feel like wielding a finely crafted sword.

Customer reviews rave about the knob's authentic look and feel. Many recommend it as the perfect addition to any JDM enthusiast's car, noting how it transforms the driving experience.

Order now and enjoy fast, reliable shipping. Choose the size and color that suits your style, and prepare to elevate your car's interior with this unique blend of tradition and modernity. Make every drive feel like a warrior's journey with our Katana Samurai Sword Shift Knob! also check out our jdm shift knobs