HKS Fabric Le Mans Confetti

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Authentic JDM Style: HKS Fabric for Racing Enthusiasts

Transform your vehicle's interior with our HKS Fabric JDM Racing Car Seats Cloth in the Le Mans Confetti pattern. This premium fabric is a must-have for automotive enthusiasts who value JDM interior accessories and the racing legacy they represent.

Featuring the iconic "Confetti Cloth" pattern, our HKS fabric draws inspiration from classic designs of brands like Recaro, including the famous Recaro Confetti seats. Its dynamic style not only embodies the racing spirit but also brings sophistication and excitement to your car's interior.

Crafted from top-tier materials, the HKS confetti fabric offers both durability and comfort, making it ideal for long drives and racing adventures. Its high-quality build ensures resilience against daily wear and tear while providing a cozy seating experience.

Perfect for upgrading your current JDM seat covers or introducing a new style to your vehicle, our HKS fabric captures the essence of JDM culture and adds a racing aesthetic to your car seats.

Available in various sizes, our JDM Racing Car Seats HKS Fabric Le Mans Confetti Cloth can be customized to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a flawless fit for a wide array of car seats. Elevate your seats with this HKS confetti fabric and bring a piece of racing heritage into your car's interior, distinguishing it on the road.


Customer Reviews

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Looks quality on my door cards

Angelina Graham

I was very impressed with this fabric. I have Recaro SR3 confetti's in my Celica GT-Four, and this fabric matches it very closely. I have super faded door cards I wanted to wrap with it and this is more than enough to cover that space. with the extra fabric, I may just re-upholster my rear seats to match. Great product! Highly recommend.

Kamren Mayer

It is similar to the picture, and arrived in a fast and convenient time.