Guard Racing R40 Anti Theft Lug Nuts

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Guard Racing Composite R40 Steel Anti Theft Lug Nuts M12x1.5 M12x1.25

Enhance both security and style with Guard Racing Composite R40 Steel Anti Theft Lug Nuts. These high-quality lug nuts are designed to provide reliable theft protection while adding a touch of visual flair to your vehicle's wheels.

Key Features:

  • Made from durable steel for enhanced security
  • Available in M12x1.5 and M12x1.25 specifications for compatibility with various car brands
  • Package includes 20 lug nuts and a convenient key adapter for easy installation
  • Offered in multiple color options such as red, blue, black, purple, gold, and Neo Chrome
  • Designed for unmodified and small-size wheels to ensure a secure fit

Before making a purchase, please ensure that you select the correct screw specifications (1.5 or 1.25) for your specific car model. These lug nuts are perfect for car enthusiasts who prioritize both functionality and visual appeal, making them an ideal choice for upgrading wheel security and style.