Titanium Turbo Blanket T3 T2 T25 T28 GT28 GT30 GT35

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Introducing the Titanium Turbo Blanket, designed specifically for T2, T25, T28, GT28, GT30, and GT35 turbochargers, as well as most T3 turbochargers. This high-quality turbo blanket is constructed from durable Titanium material in a sleek Titanium color, providing both durability and style to your vehicle.

With a working temperature range of 1000°F to 1800°F, this turbo blanket is designed to withstand extreme heat. The outer circumference measures 19 inches, with an inner width of approximately 2-1/2 inches, making it compatible with a wide range of turbo sizes.

Crafted from pulverized volcanic rock transformed into fiber material, this turbo blanket offers maximum heat retention and thermal protection. The blanket is anchored with a hook for maximum security, ensuring it stays in place even under extreme conditions.

One of the key benefits of the Titanium Turbo Blanket is its ability to reduce turbo lag, providing enhanced performance for your vehicle. Additionally, the carbon fiber look of the blanket adds a stylish touch to your engine bay.

The package includes the heat shield blanket along with locking springs for easy installation. Upgrade your turbo system with the Titanium Turbo Blanket and experience improved performance and durability.