MVR 44mm V Band External Wastegate Kit 7psi 24PSI

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The MVR44 is the newest wastegate is the direct replacement for the now discontinued V44 44mm Wastegate. 

It is the first wastegate in their lineup to feature water-cooling capability. 
There is a water inlet and outlet fitting that cyles a small amount of coolant 
through the actuator to keep the temperature under control in extreme applications like road racing.
Specifics and Features:
High Strength Cast Steel Body
Fits any 44mm V-Band Wastegate Port
Anodized Aluminium Top Finish
Weldable Flange V-Band Flange for Dump Pipe
Barbed / Banjo Fittings
14 & 7 PSI Spring Included - can be combined for upto 24 PSI
Stainless Steel V-Band Flanges and Sealing Rings

1 X   Wastegate