Bride Seat Belt Cover Harness Pads

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Bride Seat Belt Cover Harness Pads

Enhance your driving experience with the Bride Seat Belt Cover Harness Pads. Designed for maximum comfort and style, these pads are the perfect addition to any car interior. Whether you're cruising the city streets or hitting the racetrack, these harness pads ensure a comfortable ride without compromising on style.


  • JDM Style: Authentic Bride harness pad seat belt covers that add a touch of JDM flair to your vehicle.
  • Soft Fabric: Made with soft fabric for ultimate comfort during long drives or spirited driving sessions.
  • Easy Installation: Slip-on design with cutouts for perfect fitment, easily attaching to your existing seat belt hardware.
  • Protection: Protects and extends the life of your stock harness seatbelts, ensuring they remain in top condition.


  • Comfortable & Stylish: Provides a comfortable driving experience while upgrading the look of your interior.
  • Subtle Color Accent: Adds a discreet yet noticeable touch of color to your cabin.
  • No Hardware Replacement Needed: Easily slips onto existing installation hardware, no need to replace any components.
  • Durability: Great way to safeguard your stock harness seatbelts against wear and tear.

Elevate the comfort and style of your vehicle with the Bride Seat Belt Cover Harness Pads. Perfect for any car enthusiast looking to add a touch of JDM style to their ride.