2JZ Non VVTi Clear Timing Cover

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2JZ Non VVTi Clear Timing Cover

This 2JZ Non VVTi Clear Timing Cover is designed for a wide range of applications, including vehicles such as Lexus SC300, Lexus IS300, Toyota Soarer, Toyota Supra, Toyota Chaser, Toyota Cresta, Toyota Mark II, Toyota Aristo, and Toyota Crown Majesta. It offers a 100% quality assurance tested, making it more responsive, cost-effective, and easier to install.

  • High temperature resistant & corrosion resistant
  • Allows convenient examination of the engine through the clear cover
  • Provides protection for the timing belt against debris
  • Helps prevent engine damage accidents
  • Ensures the engine remains in good condition

This cover does not compromise on durability, and it is designed to withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion. The clear design allows for easy inspection of the engine, while also providing protection for the timing belt against various debris. Additionally, it helps in avoiding engine damage accidents and ensures the engine stays in optimal condition.

Installation instructions and bolts are not included, so OEM timing cover bolts should be used. The cover is made of high-quality PC material and comes in an attractive color as shown in the picture. The package includes 1x Cam Cover Kit.