Universal Oil Catch Can & Breather Filter

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0.5L Universal Breather Tank & Oil Catch Can Fuel Tank With Breather Filter

This is designed to be a universal part to fit all cars, however if you are not sure please contact us.
Tank Spec:
Height : 147mm
Diameter : 76mm
Capacity : 0.5 litres
Fitting Kit : No
Magnetic Plug : Yes
Breather Filter : Yes
To Fit Hose Size : 12mm
In the box:
1 x 0.5 Litre Tank with Sight
1 x Breather filter

The idea behind the catch tank is to stop oil going into the inlet side of the engine. On a stock factory car there is usually a engine breather which comes out of the cam cover and goes into the air intake somewhere. This is fine for normal cars but with a high performance car you tend to push the car harder building crankcase pressure and pushing more oil out of the breather, this then goes into the intake system which hinders performance and gums up vital components. With a catch tank this oil is stored in the tank and doesn't make it back into the engine maintaining performance.

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