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EGR Delete the Benefits Pros and Cons

EGR Delete what are the benefits ?

The EGR is a device that recirculates exhaust gases back into the engines intake manifold to reduce emissions, egr however it also has many disadvantages including decreased horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency, over time the recirculating soot can lead to blockages in the intake system, counteracting the aim of enhancing engine efficiency and necessitating expensive repairs.

Deleting the EGR valve from your car can improve performance and increase mpg by as much as 30%, allowing the turbo to spool faster and at lower revs the difference is usually night and day, as well as reducing weight and being a cheap replacement for the often faulty EGR Valves that tend to clog up and increase carbon build up in the intake manifold engine, also higher operating temperature and more frequent breakdowns.

By deleting the EGR system, the engine can run cooler and with more oxygen which may lead to improved performance.


  • Lowered engine temperature
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Improved throttle response
  • Prolonged engine lifespan
  • Maximized engine power & Torque
  • Minimized vehicle breakdowns


  •  Illegal for road use in some countries (including US)

(Pictured above) clogged up egr valve, can imagine what this is doing to your engine.

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