Universal Type-RS Turbo Blow Off Valve Adjustable 25psi BOV

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Upgrade your vehicle's turbo system with the Universal Type-RS Turbo Blow Off Valve, a high-performance addition that will take your turbocharged engine to the next level. This versatile blow off valve is designed for universal fitting, making it suitable for a wide range of turbo applications. Whether you are a car enthusiast looking to enhance your vehicle's performance or a professional tuner seeking a reliable and powerful solution, this BOV is the perfect choice for you.

One of the key features of this blow off valve is its universal compatibility. With a direct bolt-on design and a universal flange fitting kit, it can be easily installed in all turbo applications, ensuring a wide range of vehicle compatibility. In addition, the adjustable performance allows you to tailor the valve's settings to prevent premature boost leakage and compressor surge, optimizing its performance for your vehicle's specific needs.

The Universal Type-RS Turbo Blow Off Valve is ideal for a variety of vehicles, from those with mild upgrades to heavily tuned engines. Its versatility and reliability make it a favored choice among car enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a high capacity of handling up to 1200HP or 25 PSI of boost pressure, it is perfect for high-performance setups that demand power and precision.

This blow off valve also features spring stiffness adjustment, giving you the option to customize the valve to match your vehicle's requirements. With a screw for adjusting the spring stiffness and two different size options to choose from, you can fine-tune the performance of the valve to ensure optimal results.

Elevate your turbo system with the Universal Type-RS Turbo Blow Off Valve, a versatile and powerful addition that will enhance the performance of your vehicle. Upgrade to high-quality and high-performance with this BOV, and experience the difference in power, reliability, and precision.