Nc Miata Intake Manifold Mazda MX5-NC 2006-2015 2.0L

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Introducing the JDM Performance Nc Miata Intake Manifold Mazda MX5-NC 2006-2015 2.0L

The Nc Miata Intake Manifold is pinnacle of performance enhancement for your third-generation MX5. Elevate your racing experience with this meticulously engineered engine component crafted with precision, the manifold is CNC billet machined to perfection, ensuring both durability and peak performance. Its flow-tuned runner and velocity stacks are designed to optimize airflow, accommodating any fuel injectors seamlessly. This intake manifold is your ticket to competing in the upper echelons of racing. The mx5 nc intake manifold pushes the power boundaries of the MX-5, making it ideal for builds aiming for 400hp and beyond.

Extensive testing has shown that this manifold reduces the boost required to achieve the same power levels, thereby lessening stress on other components and providing additional headroom for future power upgrades. The tapered plenum design ensures equal airflow distribution to all cylinders, delivering consistent and predictable performance throughout the rev range. Additionally, the CNC flange includes convenient slots for easy installation of manifold nuts, all handcrafted to perfection.


  • Supports 400hp+ on turbo applications
  • Standard throttle body compatibility
  • Tapered plenum design
  • Easy installation with manifold nut cutouts