Abused Daily Windshield Vinyl Decal

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Easily add a touch of personality and style to your vehicle with our Abused Daily Windshield Banner Vinyl Decal Sticker. Measuring 50cm in length and colored in a sleek white finish, this decal is perfect for cars, trucks, or any smooth surface you want to stick it on.

The application process is a breeze, taking only a few minutes of your time. The sticker comes in 3 parts: the paper backing, the sticker itself, and the clear transfer tape. Simply rub the sticker to ensure the transfer tape is properly adhered, clean and dry the area of application, and slowly remove the paper backing while making sure the sticker stays on the transfer tape. Place the sticker carefully onto the desired area and rub it from side to side to eliminate any air bubbles. Use a credit card or similar object to ensure the sticker is fully adhered to the surface.

Finally, remove the transfer tape slowly to reveal your new decal. Check for any air bubbles – in most cases, they can be smoothed out to the edge of the sticker. If not, a pin hole can release the air and make it virtually invisible.

Add a touch of individuality to your ride with our Abused Daily Windshield Banner Vinyl Decal Sticker. Easy to apply and designed to last, this sticker is a must-have for any vehicle enthusiast looking to stand out on the road.