Cam Gear Lock Timing Belt Tool For 94-00 Honda B16 B18c1 B18c5

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FOR 94-00 Honda Acura B16 B18C1 B18C5 VTEC 1.6L&1.8L Engine PQY Cam Gear Lock / Timing Belt Installation Tool W/ PQY BOX CGL01

For Honda 1.6L B16, 1.8L B18C1 and B18C5 engines:
For 94-01 Acura Integra Type-R GSR 1.8L VTEC.
For 94-97 Honda Civic Del Sol 1.6L VTEC.
For 99-00 Honda Civic Si 1.6L VTEC.
Vehicle compatibility charts are for REFERENCE ONLY. Check your vehicle with OEM below to match your needs.

Features and Benefits:
100% quality assurance tested, more responsive, less expensive, easier to install.
Engineered to be the strongest and lightest cam gear lock and timing belt installation tool on the market today.
Guaranteed to never snap or break under extreme pressure or heat and will not form micro fractures that lead to breakage.
This tool is designed to make changing timing belts a breeze, by inserting the tool between the two cam gears, making belt removal and installation near effortless.
Completely resistant to oxidation and corrosion.
Maintain a long lasting beautiful finish.

Dimensions& Material:
Material: made of high quality Aluminium.
Color: black 
Package Included:
1x Cam Gear Lock Kit.