Vertex 7 Stars 330mm JDM Drift Steering Wheel

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Vertex 7 Stars 330mm JDM Drift Steering Wheel

Experience the ultimate grip and control while drifting with the Vertex 7 Stars 330mm JDM Drift Steering Wheel. Crafted with high-tension leather, this steering wheel ensures a secure and comfortable hold, while its striking 7 star design adds a touch of aggressive style. Whether you're tearing up the track or fine-tuning your ride in the garage, this wheel exudes performance, sleekness, and finesse all at once.


  • Aggressive 7 Star Design: Adds a bold and striking appearance to your vehicle.
  • High Tension Leather Grip: Provides a secure and comfortable hold, essential for drifting.
  • Includes Hub Adapter: Offers compatibility with different fitment types for added convenience.


  • Secure Gripping Surface: Ensures a reliable hold for optimal control during drifting.
  • Enhanced Vehicle Control: Larger wheel size and high-performance material contribute to improved control.
  • Customization and Modern Look: Elevates the appearance of your vehicle and enhances the turning radius.


  • Material: Genuine leather
  • Diameter: 13" (around 330mm)
  • Deep Dished: 90mm
  • Stitching: Red & Blue

This steering wheel is specifically designed to meet motorsport requirements, and it is constructed from high-quality anticorodal aluminum to achieve maximum lightness. Please note that a steering wheel adapter (Boss Kit Hub) is required for installation and can be purchased separately from our store. The package includes a horn button, wires, and 6 screws for added convenience.

Discover the difference a high-quality JDM Steering Wheel can make in your daily drives.