Exhaust Flame Kit Car Ignition Rev Limiter Launch Control

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  • For Nissan
    For Nissan 180SX - RS13 SR20DET CA18DET.
    For Nissan Cefiro - A31.
    For Nissan Fairlady Z - 350Z - Z33 VQ35DE.
    For Nissan Fairlady Z - Z32 VG30 DETT / DE.
    For Nissan GT-R - R35.
    For Nissan Juke - F15 MR16DDT.
    For Nissan Laurel - C33.
    For Nissan Laurel - C35.
    For Nissan March - K11 CG 13/10 DE.
    For Nissan Silvia - S13 SR20DET CA18DET.
    For Nissan Silvia - S14 SR20DET.
    For Nissan Silvia - S15 SR20DET.
    For Nissan Skyline - R32 GTS-t/4 - HCR32.
    For Nissan Skyline - R33 GTS-t - ECR33.
    For Nissan Skyline - R33 NA - R33.
    For Nissan Skyline - R34 25GTT - ER34.
    For Nissan Skyline - R34 NA - ENR34.
    For Nissan Skyline GT-R - BCNR33.
    For Nissan Skyline GT-R - BNR32.
    For Nissan Skyline GT-R - BNR34.
    For Nissan Stagea - WC34 RB25DET RB25DE.
    For Nissan Stagea 260RS Autech - AWC34.
    For Toyota 86 - ZN6.
    For Toyota Altezza AS200 - GXE10.
    For Toyota Altezza RS200 - SXE10.
    For Toyota Aristo - JZS147.
    For Toyota Celica - ST182 3S-GTE.
    For Toyota Celica - ST202 3S-FE.
    For Toyota Celica GT-Four - ST185H 3S-GTE / GE.
    For Toyota Celica GT-Four - ST205 3S-GTE.
    For Toyota Chaser - JZX81.
    For Toyota Chaser - JZX90.
    For Toyota Chaser - JZX100.
    For Toyota Corolla Allex - ZZE123 2ZZ-FE.
    For Toyota Corolla Levin - AE86 4A-GE.
    For Toyota Cresta - JZX81.
    For Toyota Cresta - JZX90.
    For Toyota Cresta - JZX100.
    For Toyota Mark 2 - JZX81.
    For Toyota Mark 2 - JZX90.
    For Toyota Mark 2 - JZX100.
    For Toyota MR-S - ZZW30.
    For Toyota MR2 - AW11 4A-GE / 4A-GZE.
    For Toyota MR2 - SW20 3S-GTE 3S-GE.
    For Toyota Soarer 2.0GT - GZ20.
    For Toyota Soarer 2.5GT-T - JZZ30.
    For Toyota Soarer 3.0GT - MZ20.
    For Toyota Soarer 3.0GT Limited - MZ21.
    For Toyota Sprinter - AE92 4A-GE / 4A-GZE.
    For Toyota Sprinter - AE101 4A-GE / 4A-FE / 4A-GZE.
    For Toyota Sprinter - AE111 4A-GE / 4A-FE.
    For Toyota Sprinter Trueno - AE86 4A-GE.
    For Toyota Starlet - EP82 4E-FTE / FE.
    For Toyota Starlet - EP91 4E-FTE / FE.
    For Toyota Supra A70 MKIII - JZA70.
    For Toyota Supra A70 MKIII - MA70.
    For Toyota Supra A80 MKIV - JZA80.
    For Mitsubishi FTO - DE3A.
    For Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 - EC5A.
    For Mitsubishi GTO - Z15A.
    For Mitsubishi GTO - Z16A.
    For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution - CD9A.
    For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II - CE9A.
    For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III - CE9A.
    For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV - CN9A.
    For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V - CP9A.
    For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI - CP9A.
    For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII - CT9A.
    For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII - CT9A.
    For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX - CT9A.
    For Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4 - EC5W.
    For Mitsubishi RVR - N23W.
    For Mazda Roadster - NA6CE.
    For Mazda RX-7 - FC3S.
    For Mazda RX-7 - FD3S.
    For Subaru BRZ - ZC6.
    For Subaru Forester - SF5.
    For Subaru Impreza Sports Wagon WRX - GF8.
    For Subaru Impreza WRX - GC8.
    For Subaru Legacy - BC5.
    For Subaru Legacy - BD5.
    For Subaru Legacy B4 - BE5.
    For Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon - BF5.
    For Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon - BG5.
    For Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon - BH5.


  • 100% quality assurance tested, more responsive, less expensive, easier to install.
  • Prevents over revving the motor by cutting ignition and generating a flame Discharged from the exhaust.
  • Must remove OEM catalytic converter or silencer from muffler to function correctly
  • Only shoots flame at Your option - Not Constant.
  • Multiple flame options, including strobe flame.
  • Connects to E-Brake for immediate response.


  • The Red Knob Sets The Rev Limit
  • 16 Adjustment From 0~F. 0 is 2500 RPM with an increase in 500 RPM for Each Additional Turn in the Knob.
  • Leaving it At 0 Will Enable The Rev Limit and Fire to Occur as Low as 2500 RPM


  • The Signal For The White Knob is Set While The E-BRAKE is Engaged.


  • This Yellow Knob Will Increase or Decrease The Discharge Power of The Flame And Sound From The Exhaust.
  • From a Simple Bam, pause, Bam to non-stop Bam, Bam!
  • With the Setting at Zero The Rev Limiter Will Be Turned Off And Will Increase as The Knob Dial is Increased.

Material & Color:

  • Material: made of high quality Aluminum.
  • Color: as picture.

Package Included:

  • 1x Mount Kit.