14" 350mm Mugen Deep Dish Steering Wheel

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Upgrade Your Drive with the 14" 350mm Mugen Deep Dish Steering Wheel - The Perfect Fusion of Style, Comfort, and Performance.

Transform your vehicle's driving dynamics and interior aesthetics with our 14" 350mm Mugen Deep Dish Steering Wheel. This steering wheel is meticulously crafted to not only provide your car with a racing-inspired look but also to enhance your driving experience with its superior grip and comfort features. Made with high-quality materials and wrapped in synthetic leather with stitched detailing, it's designed for maximum control and durability.

Key Features:

  • Size: With a diameter of 350mm/14 inches, it's the perfect size for a comfortable yet controlled grip.
  • Deep Dish Design: The 65mm dish depth provides a unique style and ergonomic grip, allowing for better steering leverage.
  • High-Quality Wrapping: The synthetic leather wrapping with stitched detailing ensures a comfortable grip and adds a luxurious feel to your car's interior.
  • 6x M6 Screw Holes: Designed to fit any aftermarket or universal bolt pattern, making this steering wheel a versatile choice for a wide range of vehicles.


  • Enhanced Performance: Improves your vehicle's handling, especially during high-speed turns, by providing a firmer grip.
  • Racing Aesthetic: Elevates your car's interior with its distinctive styling, giving it a more racing-inspired and inviting look.
  • Improved Access: The wheel's design and size offer easier access to the shift knob, particularly beneficial for manual transmission cars.

This 14" 350mm Mugen Deep Dish Steering Wheel is more than just an accessory; it's a critical upgrade for those who value performance and style. It's designed to give you an edge in control and comfort, whether you're navigating tight corners on the track or cruising on the highway. Enhance your driving experience and make a bold statement in your vehicle's interior with this top-of-the-line steering wheel.

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