50mm Blow Off Valve V Band 24psi BOV

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Upgrade your vehicle's performance with our top-of-the-line 50mm Blow Off Valve V Band 24psi BOV. Our premium diaphragm blow-off valve is perfect for universal applications and is designed to enhance your driving experience in a number of ways.

Featuring a state-of-the-art dual spring system, our blow-off valve ensures optimized response and the ability to handle high boost pressures with ease. This means you can enjoy exceptional vehicle responsiveness and improved performance, no matter the driving conditions.

The advanced air flow technology with a hard-anodized valve further enhances the efficiency and performance of your vehicle. This meticulously engineered feature allows for better air flow, resulting in smoother acceleration and improved overall efficiency.

Not only does our blow-off valve offer superior performance, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle. With a powder-coated, anodized, and polished finish, this valve is not only durable but also visually stunning.

One of the unique features of our blow-off valve is the distinctive discharge sound it produces. By drawing in surrounding air, our design ensures an aggressive discharge sound that will set your vehicle apart from the rest.

Installation is made easy with the included weld-on aluminum flange, stainless steel V-Band clamp, and O-Ring. This ensures a hassle-free installation process, so you can start enjoying the benefits of our premium blow-off valve in no time.

With a 50mm flange diameter and a boost pressure capacity of up to 35psi, our blow-off valve is ideal for high-performance applications. The inside spring is rated at 1.3BAR/18PSI, while the outside spring is rated at 0.4BAR/6PSI, further enhancing its performance capabilities.

Crafted from CNC machined billet aluminum, our blow-off valve is not only strong and durable but also lightweight. The package includes everything you need for installation, including the blow-off valve, aluminum flange, V-Band clamp, O-Rings, bolts, and gaskets.

Elevate your vehicle's performance today with our premium 50mm Blow Off Valve V Band 24psi BOV. Designed for universal applications and engineered for excellence, this blow-off valve is sure to take your driving experience to the next level.

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Dorothy Ebert

good looking unit. thanks .

Casper Corkery

Everything OK cfme product. The announcement. Attendent 100% I recommend it to everyone

Morgan Beer

perfect. as pictured
great seller